Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paul Bucher, lawyer for sale

First, let's be clear that Jessica McBride is not responsible for the actions of her husband, Paul Bucher. After all, he's the grownup in the marriage. But she's a lot closer to him than Jim Doyle was to Georgia Thompson.

And, yes, everyone is entitled to a lawyer. But you can't help but wonder about the kinds of cases and clients he's taken on since leaving his job as Waukesha County DA.

First he's representing the people trying to recall Alderman Michael McGee, who won the election by even a bigger margin than J.B. Van Hollen whipped Bucher's butt.

Next he's playing trial lawyer, filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a Waukesha couple over the drowning of a 5-year-old boy in their pool in 2004. He probably wishes there weren't a cap on punitive damages as he tries to profit off someone else's misery.

And now he's the lawyer and mouthpiece for a Waukesha County police chief who's been suspended for using inappropriate language about women and minirities. Did he call them thugs, or what?

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