Sunday, July 27, 2008

That's Responsible Journalism

First came local wingnut Kevin Fischer calling the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources the "Wisconsin wing of the Nazi Party" after the DNR took steps to protect a portion of the Wisconsin Dells - land and views that are in the public domain - from encroachment by a condominium development. Now comes Fischer's latest Nazi comparison, again at the expense of the DNR. In a recent blog entry, Fischer referred to the DNR as "Gestapo-like" due to their attempts to enforce regulations covering cranberry growers.

Now I know this kind of speech is protected under the First Amendment as well it should be, and I know this is just Fischer's attempt to stay relevant and bring eyeballs to his quaint little blog, but someone - maybe even his boss, State Senator Mary Lazich - ought to explain to him what's in good taste and what's not.

illyT has more on the Fischer situation.

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  1. Agreed.

    Those were unfair comparisons, and Mr. Fischer should immediately apologize to the Nazis and the Gestapo...