Friday, October 1, 2010

Sykes Blames High Ranking Dem For Lack Of Clarivoyance

In this morning's show, as he does every Friday, Charlie Sykes was doing his scatologically-orientated feature of his "Deep Tunnel Awards."

The first runner up was Graeme Zielinski, the top communication guru for the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Zielinski's sin, according to Sykes, was calling Rebecca Kleefisch a lunatic when she just announced that she just had life saving cancer surgery.

What Sykes really did was a fine act of faux and selective outrage.

Zielinski did describe Kleefisch as being a lunatic in this tweet:
We're going to have to get treatment for the poor staffer who has had to listen to and watch the lunatic Rebecca Kleefisch speeches.
Said offensive tweet occurred on Tuesday, September 28th at 10:49 in the morning.

However, the Kleefisch story didn't come out until the next day, on the 29th. Heck, Sykes didn't even put up anything about it until the day after that, on the 30th.

But since Sykes has such a crush on Kleefisch, maybe he could explain to his listeners why Scott Walker's campaign has clamped down on her and won't even allow her to do a debate with Tom Nelson.

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