Sunday, June 19, 2011

Could This Ad Be Any More Offensive?

Charlie Sykes is constantly trying to find the least bit of trivia against any Democrat acting or speaking poorly as a warped way of justify his own poor behaviors or the poor behaviors of his Republican controllers.

One of is favorite shticks is to find someone calling a Republican a name, like "Poopyhead," and acting in feigned outrage and shock as such horrible manners. Going on about "the new tone" and mocking the desire for civility. Makes one wonder exactly where is head is at if the thinks he even has a moral leg to stand on regarding anything.

One thing you won't hear Charlie squawking about is the deplorable ad from a right wing attack group in California against Janice Hahn, who is running for Congress there.

Here is the ad in question, although I am loathe to even give it space here, but it so low and so vulgar, the right's attitude towards minorities and women have to be brought to light so that we can understand how sick and how degenerate they are. I repeat, this ad is NSFW:

Like I said, you won't hear Charlie say a peep about this. Not that he is afraid to bring it up, but just that he doesn't care. For that matter, I haven't seen any other conservative call them out on this either.


  1. They won't. They don't care. It's all about power.

  2. Did you point the ad out to Charlie? He may not know about it.

    Nothing like being found guilty by one person's opinion. That's the way it works in the socialist utopia...