Sunday, November 29, 2009

Because The First Foot Tasted So Good

Last week, Jessica McBride wrote an ill-advised piece trying to defend her infidelity by acting offended that the media would even cover the story, trying to ignore the fact that her paramour was the Milwaukee Chief of Police.

Apparently liking the taste of her foot, this weekend McBride chose to put her second foot in her mouth as well.

She starts out complaining about the comments allowed to stand at the JSOnline blogpost about the affair, which I pointed out last week. This quickly degenerates into a rambling rant about bloggers in general. This ends up in her again playing the victim and that the whole internet is misogynistic.

To show how disjointed and ironic her ramblings are, here are a few puzzling excerpts:
The Internet is, in many ways, a sexist environment. Most of the citizen blog sites are run by older men without journalistic training or standards and, when a woman crashes into the parlor to join the political talk over the brandy, watch out – you’ll get harassed until you voluntarily leave the room. But I expect more of sites like jsonline.
Should she really be calling anyone out about journalistic training or standards?
Granted the name calling and vitriol isn’t limited to women, either. It’s part of a coarsening of discourse in general. Just ask Charlie Sykes. There are bloggers who basically spend all of their energy calling him names and attacking his personal life rather than challenging his ideas. They are small minds.

This is not a hearty, strong intellectual clash on the issues (I love those sorts of debates). These are playground antics. If people said to my face what some bloggers (or Journal Sentinel comment posters) have written about me (and others) on the Web, I’d get a temporary retraining order against them. It’s abuse.
Oh, the hypocrisy is enough to give me a headache. Was she serious when she typed that? Has she ever reviewed her own stuff, much less Sykes'. It is nothing but abuse to the subject of the post, as well as the poor souls that read the tripe.

But the most alarming thing is the last line:
Oh, one other thing: I might reactivate my blog soon. As anyone who knows me knows, I don’t silence easily, and certainly not through intimidation from Internet bullies.
Oh, the humanity!!

With a tip of the crown, go to Boots and Sabers (yeah, I know, one of the signs of the apocalypse when Owen and I agree), for more on the matter.


  1. While McBride's well documented hypocrisy is laughable, she's right to be concerned about the comments that the JS allows, some of which have been per se defamation.

    As a matter of fact when Sonya was the letters editor, I emailed her to point out some of the more egregious slanders that appeared beneath Bice's blog posts, and had them removed.

  2. Forgetaboutit! Jessica McBride is so UNLIKE BO BLACK! So out there! Bo did something for Milwaukee. Jessica makes us look as though the entire town appears drunken in their own narcissistic BS.

  3. Illy,

    I did mention the comments last week and how I wouldn't have left them up.

  4. By that standard, she has no journalistic training. She worked at a bunch of horrible, ill-regarded newspapers, and then a "journalism department" that's main contribution to the profession has been...well, her. She's ridiculous, UWM is ridiculous and all the players in this badly-written farce all deserve the other.