Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Nail In Journalism's Coffin

In today's paper, they have a big article about this real serious study that showed a slight majority of Wisconsinites are opposed to the high speed rail. Of course, the same study also shows that a majority doesn't understand the state's budget either.

But there's a few things that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel omitted from their report on this real serious study.

One of them is that WPRI (Wankers Promoting Republican Idiocy) has been discredited and is not a reliable source of information, especially regarding polling.

Also omitted from the paper's coverage is that despite WPRI laughingly calling themselves bipartisan, they are anything but.

Consider the fact that WPRI sent out their crack(ed) columnist Christian Schneider to be embedded in the Ron Johnson campaign. In a series of articles that Schneider is writing about this is news free, but mostly consists of the gist that "Ron Johnson is a damn fool, but boy, oh boy, he's just swell."

Another main point that you would thing a credible news source would want to disclose is that WPRI (edited by Charlie "Mr. Copy and Paste" Sykes, nonetheless) is funded in part by the Bradley Foundation. It just so happens that this neocon money tank is headed up by none other than Michael Grebe, who was also Scott "Train Wreck" Walker's gubernatorial campaign and is now part of his transition team.

In other words, he is the puppet master for both Walker and this organization.

Was there ever any doubt what their results would be on a question regarding high speed rail?

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  1. "Was there ever any doubt what their results would be on a question regarding high speed rail?"

    Of course not. This is as "independent" as a Rasmussen poll (who even Nate Silver admits is nothing more than a GOP mouthpiece these days).

    The wording of the question is the key here, because I bet a lot of the goobers disagreeing with the rail line think that it's money which has not been set aside and can be "saved." It is not, it WILL BE SPENT SOMEWHERE AND SPENT ON RAIL. Not surprisingly, that detail is conveniently left out from the Sykesists that made up the script for their researchers to follow.

    I think OWN needs to do their own poll and ask folks "Do you approve of expanding intercity rail service to Madison, with direct connections to Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis?" When that question gets 60-70% approval, then we'll prop it as proof of rail's "overwhelming support."

    Of course, I'm betting the Journal-Sentinel won't blindly run with it like they do Razzy and WPRI polls. It's almost like they and We Prop Republican Idiocy are on the same team, isn't it?