Monday, November 22, 2010

Condescend Much?

Patrick McIlheran has a tingle going down his leg because some charter school is going to use a parable from the Bible in their curriculum. Apparently, he wouldn't be so tickled if they had also decided to teach the First Amendment, namely the Freedom of Speech:

My point is to add only this: Notice how striking it is when a public school proposes to teach a curriculum that, first, is traditional in content and, second, that actually tries imparting moral lessons of the non-denominational sort that would have been unremarkable in the Eisenhower era and that probably pass for mainstream ideals in the West Bend area.

(That’s religious! And that’s not mainstream at all! So shriek, momentarily, the roughly five militant agnostics who regularly shrill up any post on this blog that mentions faith. To them: Go back to Mommy’s basement and let the adults talk. Thanks.)

I wouldn't be surprised at all if McIlheran is plotting with co-zealot Dad29 to set about a plan to enforce the Catholic version of Sharia Law.

More at Illy-T's pad.

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