Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charlie's Double Standard On Double Standards

Last week, Charlie Sykes made a brash statement trying to play up the controversial election for the Supreme Court.  He claimed that:
"They put in as much money as they will ever be able to. They will never again, in Wisconsin, be able to mobilize a 3-to-1 money advantage."
On Sunday, PolitiFact decided to take a look at those claims. Unsurprisingly, they found him to be a flat out liar* and gave him the woeful "Pants on Fire" rating, his second one.**

Needless to say, the sniveling Sykes got his undies in a bundle about being burned again. He's been ranting for two days now, including attacking the PolitiFact reporters not just once, but twice.

In the first launch, aided by his fellow Bradley Foundation beneficiary, Christian "Atomic Pantload" Schneider, is all in a tither that PolitiFact didn't offer enough proof.  They do this in spite of the fact that while PolitiFact actually cites their sources, Sykes' source was an "unidentified 'political observer'" who Sykes also identified as being pro-Prosser.  When given a chance to be clearer on his source(s) of information, Sykes refused to respond.

In his second attack, Sykes then pulled the classic conservative ploy of moving the goal posts. Instead of whining about the sources of information, since the reporters had many and Sykes none, he chooses instead to attack on a whole different subject.  Instead of talking about Sykes' provably-false statement, Sykes chose to whine and tantrum about whether they ever look at other talk show hosts.  Apparently, Sykes is an adherent to the phrase "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit."

What it boils down to his Sykes got caught with his burning pants down around his ankles. When he was asked to support his BS claims, he should have just told the truth like he did the first time:
"My evidence? ....absolutely none"
*He was also lying about the supposed imminent end to the unions.

**It amazes me that even though his pants have been on fire twice now, none of the crap he puts in his hair has caught flame.

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  1. Sykes appears quite willing to concede that he got the spending numbers wrong. He just happened to notice that PolitiFact uses questionable methods in its fact checking. And he's exactly right on that score.

    It's worth noting that the reported numbers support Sykes' broader point about the election spending. Nearly all of the out of state Kloppenburg support came from a single source, while the sources supporting Prosser were varied. As Ed Morrissey noted today over at Hot Air, this contributes to the impression that the election was a pretty weak last gasp from the left.