Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Hard To Be A Conservative: Part One Gazillion

Pity poor Charlie Sykes and company.

They are expending considerable amounts of time and energy and selective outrage day in and day out to convince people that it is an outrage to spend a couple of millions of dollars to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

At the same time, Sykes and friends will have to explain why it's a good idea to spend even more than the recount to ensure that whole sections of the populace have their voting rights impeded and to ensure the loss of integrity of the voting process.

It truly is a wonder how they can still look at themselves in the mirror.

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  1. Unfortunately Channel 12 WISN Milwaukee has not posted the video to their site (as of right now), but tonight on the 10pm news they had their 2nd story about how the Milwaukee County ballots for WI Supreme Court were under "Armed Guard", then they showed them being off loaded from a truck in Milwaukee City garbage carts.

    I just found it ironic that they would move our votes around in garbage carts, since the Waukesha County Clerk turned this election into Rubbish!