Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Right's Questionable Tactics

The right wing media has been beside themselves for the last couple of weeks.  What got their dander up is Ian Murphy had been traveling the state a few weeks ago to help encourage and reinvigorate recall volunteers in the last few weeks of the signature gathering phase.

Media Trackkkers did a story about Murphy.  Christian Schneider, paid propagandist, did a story.  (By the way, would some tell Schneider that Scott Walker did indeed meet with the Koch brothers?)  Sykes not only posted Schneider's article, but has been ranting about this and little else to his remaining 4.3 listeners.

Their collective faux outrage stems from the fact that Murphy wrote a piece years ago railing against the worst parts of war, things like what happened in Abu Graib.

But that is not what they are upset about.

What they are upset about is that Murphy is the guy who imitated David Koch last year in a phone call to Walker and showed Walker's true corrupt nature.

I don't know.  I could be quite wrong about this, but I wouldn't thing it's generally a good idea to keep drawing attention to the guy who naturally reminds everyone about that phone call and thus Walker's corruption.

But that stategy could explain why Walker's popularity numbers are so low and falling lower by the day. Maybe instead of criticizing these people, we should be thanking them for making our jobs that much easier.


  1. Does it make you feel more powerful by projecting. Or do you just happen to know what motivates everybody else in society. You'd make a good Obama if the latter is true.

  2. Let's just be real here. Ian Murphy said "F--- The Troops".

    You don't need to qualify that statement, and act as the apologist. The guy is vermin, and you'd be well served to run away from him.

  3. Yup, he said, but the Republicans actually did it, including Scott "David Koch is on line one" Walker.

    I'd go with the guy that said it than the guy who did it.

  4. Q: Who is David Koch?
    A: An evil job creator.

    Remember the meme. tax breaks for the highest taxed corporations = "Corporate Welfare"

    Billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on companies like Solyndra. = An investment!

    1. The Koch policies have killed far more jobs that both Kochs together have ever created. And that's counting the innumerable propagandists they've got working for them.

  5. So Christian Schneider is a paid propagandist, but the JS reporters are journalists as you referenced elsewhere?

    At least I got a laugh out of this. You sure can spin a tale.

    1. Look at who pays Schneider and tell me he's anything but.