Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who Does Paddy Mac Work For?

After years of trashing the government and the money wasted on bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., Patrick McIlheran became the second most hypocritical person* in the world when he left the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to go work for Senator Ron "Sunspot" Johnson. As the paper reported at the time:
Patrick McIlheran, a columnist for the Journal Sentinel's op-ed page since 2004, is leaving the newspaper this week to take a job with Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's staff.

McIlheran, who will work out of Johnson's Washington, D.C., office, will research issues and write about them for the senator. McIlheran also will work for the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia, of which Johnson is the ranking member.
A little later, it was found that Paddy Mac was making around $93,000 a year, although it appears he does little more than tweet Republican talking points.

But now it gets really interesting.

Michael Horne, working at Milwaukee Magazine, has also been covering this story, and had the same facts. Despite this, RoJo's press secretary contacted the magazine, wanting a correction, claiming that P-Mac didn't work for the Senator at all and just for the subcommittee. Horne also reports that since Paddy has started suckling at the government teat, as he would quaintly put it, he's changed is Linked In and Facebook profiles to reflect the same.

Case closed, right?


Horne has this to add to his report:
Finally, our original reporting included a call to the subcommittee office asking for McIlheran. The operator said McIlheran did not work at the subcommittee’s office, and forwarded the call to the office of the senator.
Perhaps it's time for an open records request just to see exactly which teats Paddy Mac has been suckling on and how he got there.

If he's only been with the subcommittee, someone needs to explain RoJo's involvement in all of this. Did RoJo manipulate the system to get a job for someone who was lobbying hard for him?

And if Paddy Mac's getting money from both RoJo and the subcommittee, why is RoJo's office lying?

*The most hypocritical still belongs easily to Scott Walker, who holds that title by such a wide margin, he'll never lose it.

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