Saturday, August 6, 2011

Milwaukee's Collective IQ Is About To Experience A Significant Jump

Just like we did when Jessica McBride was given the boot or when Paddy-Mac performed the ultimate hypocrisy, Milwaukee is about to be blessed with a significant spike to our collective intelligence.

Drama Queen James T. Harris is leaving the great and about to become greater state of Wisconsin to spew his hatred, bigotry and sexism across the deserts of Arizona.  Gilas will no longer be the only monsters slithering across the sands there.

The funniest part of it is that his mentor, Charlie Sykes, couldn't even let a small time conservative blogger her moment of glory by being the one to break the news, but had to hog it for his own vain self.

The only real question is whether the Petty Child is leaving because he found a better deal for his soul or because he's leaving like a rat jumps from a sinking ship.


  1. Harris lionizing among the rightist elitists doesn't prove that racist no longer exists, but that is does.

  2. Cut Spending & Lower Taxes, we all can agree on that, right???August 8, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    A lot of hatred on this site. What happened to the Loving and Caring Liberals?

    Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow since most of the Extreme Left seems to think that no one from the Right did so when these people were elected the first time.

    PS - please stop using Union Funds to promote unqualified candidates. That’s how we got Obama, see how well that’s worked....oh wait thats Bush's fault.

  3. No hatred at all. Merely truth, which might make you uncomfortable.

    No one said the RW didn't vote in November. The problem was that the left got lazy. But an honest person would have to admit to the gap now.

    And the unions are free to do what they wish, since the Big Business feels free to use our tax dollars to buy their candidates.