Monday, August 1, 2011

You Can Take The Man Out Of Talk Radio But You Can't Take Talk Radio Out Of The Man

It was inevitable. Some idiot does it every year.

Every summer, when it gets stupid hot such as it's been for the past few weeks, with heat indices in the triple digits, the media and local health departments and/or politicians give the warning to keep hydrated, keep cool, watch out for the elderly and disabled and mentally ill, and to never leave your kids or pets locked in the car.

And every summer, some right winger shows themselves to be an idiot by complaining and mocking the warnings.

This year's idiot is former TMJ squawker who left the station and did the lateral move of speaking more directly for the Republicans - in this case, specifically for Senator Scott Fitzgerald:

And despite all the warnings, we have already had four deaths across the state which have been contributed to the heat wave.

But given the way he's been cheering on Scott Walker and the Snittin' Fitz, don't expect Jagler to give an apology for his callous remarks any time soon.  He's still got too much squawker in him to have even an ounce of class.

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  1. Minor correction: Jagler works for JEFF Fitzgerald, the Assembly speaker. But I understand, it's hard to keep the two doofuses straight.