Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And To Think He Almost Was The Attorney General

One would think that someone who was a former federal prosecutor, and had aspirations to be the Wisconsin Attorney General, that Wagner would be able to string together some coherent sentences to make a rational argument.

James Rowen tells us that just isn't the case with Jeff Wagner:

Conservative 620 WTMJ radio talker Jeff Wagner also has a blog, and in this posting calls Wisconsin State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson both a "big loser" in the Butler-Gableman race, and then a few paragraphs later "a solid favorite" to win re-election next year.

A little wobbly logic there, eh?


  1. We've done pretty well over the years with the ones we got versus the incompeptent losers we might have gotten.

  2. Capper, obviously I am an idiot, but I do not understand how this is "wobbly logic."

    Abrahamson and her ideological ilk lost in the past election. Their solid stranglehold on the court has been loosened. Now, there is a chance of some moderation. Hence, she was one of the big losers.

    At the same time, she is obviously a favorite for reelection. She is personable and a good politician, and has good name recognition. It is even less likely that a solid jurist will run against someone with her experience than they were to run against a partial term appointee who had lost previously. And, liberal groups are going to make her reelection an even more imprtant cause than they made Butler's reelection. Why isn't she a favorite? Are you conceding that the electorate does not want liberal activists on the Supreme Court?

  3. Croc-

    You are far from an idiot. I have enough of those to contend with to know you, sir, do not fit those parameters.

    I do believe that Mr. Rowen was pointing out to the poor way Wagner presented his argument. I personally did not hear the segment, but his post is rather disjointed.