Thursday, April 24, 2008

National Patrick McIlheran Appreciation Day

I wasn't even aware of it until it was pointed out by the Illusory One, but today must be National Patrick McIlheran Appreciation Day, in which everyone gathers to celebrate the "wit and wisdon" of good, old PaddyMac.

Emily Mills and I got the festivities off to an early start yesterday.

Today the gala hits full pace with another post from the increasingly impressive Ms. Mills:
The equation is simple. There are only so many resources to go around, and they're not even particularly well distributed. We're talking the miracle of the loaves and fish times 1.2 million, something that would likely exhaust even the best efforts of the messiah himself (no offense, JC).

How someone can argue for the need of more people is beyond me. We're not anywhere near being in danger of extinction or even the downfall of society as we know it. At least, not for the reasons McIlheran and his ilk seem to think.

John Kaufmann continues the celebration with his observations:
McIlheran often is a defender of religion and religious values, but he has so far ignored any religious relationship to economics or ecology. Religion for McIlheran is reserved for people of the proper faith– cheap, convenient, polluting energy is a God-given, American right, like the right to vote or speak freely.

But a God that would sanction the abuse of the Creation to make Americans feel rich and powerful would be a very narrow-minded God, indeed.

And this is all nicely rounded off with an accounting by the Tenant himself, as he ties up some loose ends from the election earlier this month:
Even Patrick McIlheran should be able to see this, since he claims to have been "minimally sentient during some portion of Scalia's years on the bench." I beg to differ, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt in this case. Of course McIlheran himself may be "minimally sentient," but the said minimal sentience has little to do with understanding comparative jurisprudence generally or in particular the close parallels between Justice Butler and Justice Scalia's reasoning pursuant to the meaning of the Confrontation Clause.

McIlheran's fatuous yet arrogant commentary is a perfect example of the mis- and disinformation spread by a number of undeservedly prominent and irresponsible Wisconsin media chumps and other alleged "journalists" during the State Supreme Court election campaign — not to mention by Mike Gableman and his direct handlers and enablers themselves — and we have them all to thank for that "stellar example of democracy in action" whereby roughly 9.6% of the State's registered voters rid the other 90.4% of one of the smartest appellate court judges in the country. As smart as the beatified (and not in the Jack Kerouac sense) Antonin Scalia, it would appear.

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  1. I'm just heartened to see that so many people were offended and appalled enough at what he wrote to fire back.