Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's Have A Real Race

The other day, Brew City Brawler picked up on something from the Charlie Sykes show, in which Neumann called in to take Sykes on yet another attack. From the Brawler:
While on the air, Neumann mentioned he had sent Charlie an email earlier in the week saying he would be happy to debate the issues with Walker on Charlie's show. He would still be happy to do that. Charlie muttered something to the effect of he'd look into it.

So will Charlie facilitate such a debate? Or does he fear that Walker would founder if he actually had to debate Neumann vs. simply calling in with sputtering points?

Xoff picked up on this and said that all the Republican rivals should have debates throughout the state.

I'd say let's have the best of all worlds and revitalize a former idea.

Let them have their debates done several times, but at the WTMJ studio, with it being simultaneously broadcasted around the state, like they do with sporting events.

But lose Sykes, since we know he is just a puppet. Instead, put Xoff On TMJ and let him be the moderator. That way there can be no claims of bias, since he probably dislikes most Republicans equally.


  1. I do have a few questions I'd like them to answer. And I've been told I have a perfect face for radio. (But, alas, not the voice.)

  2. I've seen you being interviewed. You're being too modest.

  3. Cool and when and where will Tim John and Tom Barrett debate?

  4. Walker would never agree to it because Sykes's show airs during work hours. Right?