Monday, June 28, 2010

Why Hasn't His Head Exploded Yet?

I am starting to believe that Patrick McIlheran is not of this planet. There is no way that any normal human could pull off what he did today.

First, he starts out mewling that I, on behalf of myself and my colleagues at Milwaukee County First, had the audacity to expect our elected leaders to actually do their jobs in protecting the public safety as opposed to being worried about how a catastrophic event might affect their political campaigns. The nerve we have. I'm sure he is disappointed that we would actually want to hold Walker accountable and responsible for his behaviors.

He also gets out his scolding on for people being outraged that their safety is being endangered for political gain. To further his hypocrisy, he is just fine with Scott Walker being the first out of the gate spinning his damage control spiel saying that it wasn't deferred maintenance, even though it will be a loooong time before the investigation is done.

Then he spews out some rambling thing praising Sam the Scooper for smarting off to Vice President Biden. You know, that whole speaking truth to power thing is sooooo patriotic. Unless that power happens to be Walker apparently.

McIlheran then ends his day by getting snarky about a political writer that is critical of conservatives. This is coming from a guy who would rather sell our safety for the sake of a few political points or the chance to have an extra nickel in his pocket on tax day. Of course, under the Walker plan, which Paddy endorses, that nickel will cost him thousands of dollars later. But no one ever accused Paddy of being intellectually honest.

But the amazing thing is that PaddyMac is able to pull off that much hypocrisy and double talk without his head exploding. He must use the same hair spray that Sykes does.

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  1. The only people making political statements about O'Donnell Park are the people trying to cover their asses, like Lee Holloway and his best bud Scott Walker and the right-wingers who support the duo (and don't kid yourself-the righties know that Walker needs Holloway, who has his head so deep up Walker's rear end it's not funny). Everyone else has remained silent so they can bury the dead.