Monday, June 7, 2010

McIlheran Should Be Ashamed

The Sunday before last, Patrick McIlheran wrote a column celebrating the clearing of former US Attorney Steven Biskupic.

Biskupic, I'm sure the gentle reader will remember, was investigated for possibly being part of the Bush/Cheney attempt to smear Democrats by bringing up trumped up charges against Democrats or their staff. Biskupic went after Georgia Thompson of the Governor Doyle's staff. Ms. Thompson was convicted, but had that overturned by a higher court, who called Biskupic's evidence as being "beyond thin."

The problem with PaddyMac's article is that he seems to have his sense of proportionality all out of whack. Or as Erik Gunn of Milwaukee Magaizine's "Pressroom Buzz"puts it:
At least McIlheran acknowledged that Biskupic's target, Thompson, lost her job and spent four months in prison. Still, his dudgeon at what remained an arguably legitimate inquiry into the U.S. attorney's motives for pursuing the Thompson case is astonishingly disproportionate in light of all that Biskupic suffered -- namely, a nice job with a private law firm, where an educated guess says he probably makes at least as much in one year as Wisconsin taxpayers had to pay to reimburse Thompson for her legal fees.

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  1. It should be apparent by now that McIlheran has no shame.