Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Wants To Help Sykes With His Mortgage?

Apparently not the Brawler:

The funny thing is, Charlie Sykes was crying class warfare earlier this year when the Obama Administration was talking about reducing the mortgage interest deduction for households pulling in more than $250,000. Such an action would crash the market because Chuck's neighbors would have to postpone building a new gazebo in their arbor.

But for Charlie Sykes, it's always about two Americas. His, and everyone else's.


  1. Bingo! It's the Trent Reznor School of Governance. "There is no you, there is only me. There is no you, there is only me."

  2. Ahh, the jealousy on the left. And what is wrong with a gazebo? You think the owners of a gazebo grew the trees themselves, cut the trees, transported the wood to their house and made the gazebo themselves.
    And this is why liberals never get it. By this rich owner being able to build a gazebo and buy other toys, he keeps the economy going. To take away his gazebo and other toys, he is making more people unemployed.
    Boy, and you think I am dumb.