Saturday, December 18, 2010

Next Pulitzer project

Posted first on Uppity Wisconsin, but then realized this is the appropriate venue.

Comment on Ed Garvey's blog:

As a vilified Wisconsin state employee and member of the Wisconsin Professional Employees Council at UW-Milwaukee, I would LOVE to see some facts/figures on the benefits, health care premium costs and coverage, salaries (including per diems claimed) and pensions of Wisconsin legislators, who, at best, are part-time employees of the state.

I suspect one could not find a better example of feeders at the public trough than our less-than-illustrious assortment of elected senators and congressmen/women. And why not throw in the figures for our soon-to-be governor for good measure?

Everyone is so concerned with state employee salaries and benefits, why are we not getting more information and the full picture concerning that particular breed of state employee known as elected legislator?

-Marie Fernleaf Milwaukee (unverified)

Plenty of meat there for one of those long, wordy series some newspapers (not to mention any names) love to do. Let's put half a dozen reporters on it.

Then, when that's finished, we can look at salaries, benefits and pensions of newspaper editors and executives.

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