Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stone announces for Walker's third term

He practically said as much.

Could Walker, who got 38% of the vote for governor in the county, win a third term himself? Doubtful.

But we do have to ask: Everyone has known for six weeks that Walker was leaving the job.

A small army of Democrats are still milling around, asking each other whether to run, while time slips away. It is now about nine weeks to the primary, and then seven more to the general election.

That's precious little time to assemble a serious campaign or raise the kind of money it will take to win. Stone will be well-funded, and will no doubt be able to build on the Milwaukee County organization Walker just built for November.

What in the hell are the Dems waiting for?


  1. The Dems need to get on the ball. Stop pissing around and JUMP IN, Marina or Weishan or whoever is talking about it. GET ON WITH IT!

  2. Really a lot less time than that. Papers are due back by Jan 4, unless MKE Cty has some weird filing rules that are way different.