Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walker Calls On Squawkers To Help Fight Against Jobs

One Wisconsin Now, along with a slew of other pro-Wisconsin agencies, have been pushing for Walker to see the light and reverse his refusal on high speed rail and all the jobs it would be bring to the state.

Apparently, these agencies are having an overwhelming effect on Team Walker, and Walker has done every other time he gets himself in trouble, he goes crying to squawk radio.

Vicki McKenna has responded to Walker's mewls for help, according to a good find by OWN:
The transition office of Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker appears to be working with right wing radio host Vicki McKenna to manufacture opposition to the Midwest high speed rail project for Wisconsin, according to an email from, McKenna’s corporate account, obtained by One Wisconsin Now.

“For all Scott Walker’s bluster about ‘widespread’ opposition to high speed rail in Wisconsin, his taxpayer-financed transition office is desperate to manufacture a paper trail of opposition,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “With a multi-billion dollar deficit, Walker’s use of taxpayer resources to manufacture public relations opposition to high speed rail seems about as inappropriate as sending 13,000 jobs and $810 million in rail fund to Illinois, California or North Carolina.”

In the email obtained by One Wisconsin Now, Clear Channel’s right wing radio host Vicki McKenna begs supporters to contact the Walker transition office and register opposition to high speed rail. The email appears to be sent from McKenna’s Clear Channel email address and includes not only her contact and fax number at WIBA-AM in Madison, but identifies her as a WIBA and WISN-AM Milwaukee employee.

Which one will it be Walker? Your pride or our jobs?

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