Friday, December 31, 2010

Priebus Not All That Popular After All

Charlie Sykes has been spending a number of weeks just gushing his man love for Reince Priebus, head weasel of the WISGOP, who wants to stab his buddy, Michael Steele, head of the RNC, in the back. Even though Priebus was supposedly Steele's confidante and advisor, he's turned the tables and wants his former friend's job.

Although the latest news reports show Priebus taking an early lead in the RNC race, things might go south for him quickly as his two-facedness becomes more commonly known.

Consider these:
  • Gateway Pundit points to Priebus and his law firm working to help clients snag up stimulus dollars even though Priebus was often a critic of the stimulus package (sounds like Scott Walker and Ron Johnson, doesn't it?)
  • Think Progress points out that Priebus and his law firm came out calling the health care reform as being Constitutional and touting the benefits of the reform
  • National Review Online also discusses Priebus and his pursuit of stimulus funds.
So why is Priebus so unpopular? Is it his double talk? Is it that fact that even though Wisconsin turned temporarily rather red, it was with buffoons like Scott Walker and Ron Johnson who have already proven themselves not to be up to their respective jobs even before taking office? Could it be his bad hair? Who knows?

But what is rather telling is not many conservatives are standing up to the plate for him. In fact, his most strenuous defender is Illusory Tenant, who could hardly be labelled as a conservative.

Regardless of the turn out of the RNC eat-your-own contest, it will be fun to watch. I'm going to go pop some popcorn and wait for the next installment of this comedy.

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