Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A bad night for the Buchers

Working in tandem, Paul Bucher and Jessica McBride put on a full-court press for Appeals Court candidate Bill Gleisner, a trial lawyer posing as a conservative, whom the Bucher-McBrides seemed to favor mostly because he was running against Lisa Neubauer, who was appointed by Jim Doyle.

May we have the envelope, please?

Results: Neubauer won all 12 counties in the judicial district, and 63 per cent of the vote. Mike Gableman, the conservative's choice for Supreme Court, also won every county and got 62 per cent.

Milwaukee County is not part of the district, but all of the suburban counties are.

Despite saturation rotation of a commercial featuring a Bucher endorsement of Gleisner on right-wing talk radio, and two straight weeks of pro-Gleisner Waukesha Freeman columns by McBride, the dynamic duo couldn't even sell Gleisner in Waukesha County, their home base.

Neubauer won Waukesha County with 54 per cent of the vote while Gableman was carrying the county 2 to 1.

So when everyone's making their "winners and losers" lists, let's not forget this power couple.


  1. Stretching for a positive light Bill?

    Grow up.

  2. Lisa Neubauer winning in a suburban judicial district doesn't require a stretch. It's good news, especially considering what Jess and Paulie tried to do.

  3. What Jeff Wagner had to say about the district before the election:

    The Second District Court of Appeals includes most of our listening area except for Milwaukee County. From a political perspective, it is largely Republican encompassing counties including Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee.

    I rest my case.

  4. Conservative but fairApril 2, 2008 at 9:32 PM

    Jess said she didn't know how much of her "pundit capital" she should spen on this race. Jess, you have none to spend.

    I heard WMC would not back Bucher for SC. So the repub party said no thanks to his "feelers."

    Today I heard he is done as far as the party is concerned. His (and her) Gleisner debacle was not offset by her poor attempt at an election blog to support Gableman.

    Maybe it's been a bad couple of years for the Buchers, not just a bad night.

  5. Yesterday's news.

  6. Dead Silence: On Nov. 5, 1974, a bomb wrapped in a decorative gift box killed paperboy Larry Anstett by mistake as he tromped down the sidewalk on his route. “The force of the blast killed Larry instantly,” wrote Kurt Chandler (March 2001). “His face was burned beyond recognition, his right eye ripped from its socket. Both of his hands were blown away and the bones in his arms shattered. Dozens of metal fragments were shot into his neck and chest, tearing into his windpipe and lungs.” The bombing was a hit gone bad by members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Seven murders followed. Police believed the killer was a Waukesha man, but then-Waukesha DA Paul Bucher declined to prosecute.