Monday, April 7, 2008

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Pulitzer Prize winners were announced today. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Dave Umhoefer won the prestigious award for his articles investigating pension deals for county workers. The Washington Post led the way with six winners, the New York Times collected two prizes and none of Patrick McIlheran's sources were given awards.

Charlie Sykes and Jessica McBride were shut out again. The horror.


  1. What about McIlheran? Surely the Pride of the Right won six or eight awards for excellencitousnessity.

  2. Here are a few local newspaper columns that were never submitted by the corporate media for consideration for Pulitzer prizes, or for any other journalism prizes, for that matter. Columns growing out of the very belly of the suburban beast, the Ozaukee News-Graphic. Columns rejected by the MJS, to leave plenty of room for names you all recognize and loathe. You are the people. You be the judge.

    A series of columns exposing (and continuing while the issue was yet undecided) the intended imposition of mandatory random drug testing on Cedarburg high school. Learn things people don't know about random drug testing, and how the issue was surprisingly decided.

    A series of columns (published while the issue was yet undecided) on the science, the sociology, and the politics involved in the long-sidetracked, finally successful passage of the Compassionate Care for Victims of Rape bill in the Wisconsin legislature. The political analysis uncovered and succinctly summarized there should not be missed.

    A series of columns (initiated five years ago, and continuing with a sub-series in 2007) on the health care crisis in the USA, illuminating the issues, spotlighting the myths, lies, and propaganda blocking consideration in the USA and Wisconsin, of a viable, cost-effective, proven solution.

    A continuing series of columns, beginning in September, 2002, and continuing through March, 2008, unequivocally opposing the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq, and the "war on terror".

    These, and other home-grown Wisconsin general readership newspaper articles were published during the last year. They are organized by category in this free-lance writer's "Hearts and Minds" blog. Compare the informative research, the depth of analysis, the quality of writing, with any of the so-called journalists you have learned to loathe and to continue to lavish your attention on.

    To unearth these undiscovered columns, and judge for yourself whether they are worthy of a "People's Pulitzer Prize", scroll the categories on the right side of the home page, and click on "Womens rights", "War on terror", "War on Drugs", "Health care crisis - health source info", and "Race relations".

    Don't just think about and give publicity and continuing notoriety to the local "journalists" who don't even deserve that name. Give a thought and a little attention to some high quality published columns that provoke thought rather than revulsion. And Support Your Local Journalist, for a refreshing and badly needed change.

    Help raise the profile and the community awareness of local journalists who do not regularly embarrass and humiliate and misrepresent Wisconsin and the USA.