Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Riddle For You

Q: What is the difference between Illusory Tenant and Jessica McBride (besides the fact that iT is a heckuvalot smarter, a better writer, and more personable)?

A: The Tenant will be on the radio. Details here.


  1. And iT is using his real name.

  2. Dead Silence: On Nov. 5, 1974, a bomb wrapped in a decorative gift box killed paperboy Larry Anstett by mistake as he tromped down the sidewalk on his route. “The force of the blast killed Larry instantly,” wrote Kurt Chandler (March 2001). “His face was burned beyond recognition, his right eye ripped from its socket. Both of his hands were blown away and the bones in his arms shattered. Dozens of metal fragments were shot into his neck and chest, tearing into his windpipe and lungs.” The bombing was a hit gone bad by members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Seven murders followed. Police believed the killer was a Waukesha man, but then-Waukesha DA Paul Bucher declined to prosecute.