Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good for the gander, good for the goose

Patrick McIlheran is shocked, shocked! that Sheldon Wasserman doesn't wear a big D on his chest as he goes door to door in his North Shore State Senate district, looking for votes.

Paddy Mac makes it sound like there's something unusual about that.

But if Paddy would take his head out of wherever he's had it lately, he'd discover that just about no candidates -- even for President -- advertise their political affiliation, unless they're running in a primary.

If you're someone who's going to vote for an R or a D because the candidate is an R or a D, you'll find their parties conveniently on the ballot on Election Day.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder whether Paddy has subjected Alberta Darling, Wasserman's opponent, to the same scrutiny.

In a year where Democrats seem poised to ride Obama's coattails, many Republicans running for the legislature are managing to mention even (gasp!) Gov. Jim Doyle in a positive way and brag about working with Democrats. A case in point, from the Capital Times:
Assemblyman Brett Davis touts work with Democratic governor

New radio advertisements for Republican Assemblyman Brett Davis, who is in a tight race for re-election in a Madison area district that is likely to vote overwhelmingly for Democratic presidential nominee Obama, attempt to dull the edges of his party affiliation. How so? They repeatedly mention how Davis has worked with Gov. Jim Doyle, the Democrat Republicans love to hate.

The town of Oregon legislator, who represents the 80th Assembly District (His website), has scrubbed references to his Republican roots from his campaign against Democrat John Waelti, a retired agricultural economics professor with a Swiss name in a district where a lot of the swing voters live in and around New Glarus. From here on out for Davis, it's all "independence," "independent" and "working with Doyle."

The Davis strategy is a smart one, as he will need ticket splitting to win a substantial number of voters who have cast ballots for Obama and popular Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin to switch over the Republican side of the ballot when they get to the Assembly contest.

Watch for more Republicans to be singing the praises of Obama and Doyle if McCain stops campaigning in the state.
Davis, by the way, votes the party line in the Assembly 97% of the time.

Wanna bet whether you'll find the word Republican on any Darling signs, literature or TV spots?


  1. Is the man hopelessly obtuse or just a moron? This is happening all over the country. The Republican candidate for governor of Washington is running under the "GOP" label rather than "Republican", hoping people don't know what it means.

  2. Does Wasserman admit that he is a liberal? I don't think so, even though he is a flaming liberal. Is Wasserman ashamed to be a Democrat? Is he ashamed of being a liberal? Why would that be?
    As far as the dude in the Madison area, that is comparing apples to oranges. Wasserman lies about his positions and lies about Darling. and there is no evidence the guy from Madison lied about his positions.

  3. Count on Danny to swallow the gruel. Just once it would be nice if he provided any proof at all for anything he writes.

  4. The "dude in the Madison area" is in Monroe, which is not exactly full of flaming liberals

  5. xoff, are you saying it is not possible for a person who came from a small town and not be a flaming liberal? I grew up in small towns and there was always a flaming liberal in each town I lived in, no matter the size.

  6. My point is: "Monroe, which is not exactly full of flaming liberals"
    For a city of over 10.000 people, I am pretty sure, there is at least 1 flaming liberal. Maybe 2 or 3. They do exist. After all, you exist, I think, though maybe they should be held in capativity and put on display.

  7. dan - Do you think anything you've said here has been helpful or persuasive in any way? I mean, really? It doesn't even make enough sense for me to be sure what point you're trying to make.

    I'm a flaming liberal, and I approved this message.

  8. Emily, i'm just pointing out that during election time, real liberals are ashamed to be a liberal. They turn conservative and transform themselves back into a liberal after the elections.
    I do have to give Obama credit, while not saying directly he is a socilaist, he has, through actions and words, said pretty much the same thing.
    And no, I am not trying to convince you of anything just as you probably cannot convince me to become a liberal.