Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Irony Isn't Dead, After All

Breaking News: Local man who gets paid to sit on his tail and do nothing but talk calls for an uprising against the unproductive.

Working men and women everywhere squirt milk through their noses thinking about Charlie "producing" anything but a funny smell.

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  1. ya gotta love the comments on sykes:

    7:07 PM Shane, Wauwatosa wrote ...I'm sick & tired of people at the grocery store paying for food with WIC, then buying cigarettes and booze with a wad of cash followed by driving off in Jags or MB's. They're somehow already cheating the system and under Obama will benefit from even more entitlement handouts. Obama's hope & change is a kick in the teeth to every hard working, self-motivated American taking personal responsibility for their quality of life.

    The only cliche he missed was to say they were nuying T-bones with those food stamps.