Wednesday, October 29, 2008

National Charlie Sykes Appreciation Day

I know that Halloween might have been more appropriate, since it appears that Sykes now believes his sole purpose in life is to tell stories, trying to scare people to death, or at least to his way of thinking (and I use the word thinking loosely).

Sykes does love to rant and rave and distort, doesn't he? Just last week, he was griping about the story of Palin's wardrobe, giving it an interesting spin. Chuckles was actually trying to justify the expenditure by saying Palin was poor, and needed the nice clothes to be presentable. Gee, I didn't know that $1.2 million was considered poor.

Anywho, there are many others out there that have also noticed the ridiculousness that is Sykes.

The prodigal Brawler notes that Sykes thinks that everyone that has lots of money did the old-fashioned way-they earned it. Yeah, just like Paris Hilton. Brawler's refutation can be found here.

Brawler then points out that Sykes is less than intellectually honest, unless Sykes is referring to Reagan as a Socialist.

Dan Cody, at Left on the Lake, has learned a lot from talk radio like Sykes' show. Like when to pay attention to polls, as well as why TV news is on the decline.

James Rowen noted that Sykes is already blaming the Obama presidency for the crashing stock market, even though the elections aren't until next week, and even when Obama wins, he won't be taking office until January. Obama just might have some serious powers if he can travel back in time. I wonder if Sykes will give Obama credit for the big jump yesterday as well.

Jim McGuigan questions the judgment of Alberta Darling, who first used Mark Belling, and now Charlie Sykes, to do robocalls for her. As a commenter points out, who's next? James T. "Hit him where it hit" Harris? With people like Sykes endorsing her, no wonder she's feeling a little desperate.

So go out and celebrate Charlie Sykes Appreciation Day, and give someone a good scare.


  1. Alberta Darling Appreciates Charlie, she's using his words (as well as Beling's)in an ad against Wasserman. That ought to lock up the asshole vote for her.

  2. I especially enjoy it when Charlie goes schizo and imagines something a liberal might say, then starts arguing about it, playing both roles and acting like he's having a real conversation. Not surprisingly, he always wins the argument.