Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah, I See What You Guys Mean About The Creepiness

Little children singing for a politician is scary. Dear God, people. Get a grip.


  1. Singing shalom (peace) for a visiting politician is hugely different that singing the party chant about a politician.

    Did you purposely mislead readers or are you just not getting it?

  2. No, Cindy. No difference. I was waiting for George to break into the Macarena.

    The truth is that kids have been brought in to sing for politicians since the days of the Caesars.

    Watching the right-wingers wet themselves as if they've discovered some new sinister plot is enough to keep me amused for weeks. I am a man of simple pleasures.

  3. I was surprised that Sykes actually drew the line of idiocy somewhere. He did not allow one of his rabid callers to expound on his theory that Obama is "the anti-Christ." (Really, you can't make this stuff up).

    Now, as for me, a man with two sons, the politican who says we might stay in Iraq for 100 years, jokes "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran" and talks about nuking North Korea scares me JUUUUUUUUUUUst a bit more than one who listens to children sing him a song.

    My son's once asked me how they might decide whether a war was to defend our country or some ill conceived politial agenda.

    I told them, if you are heading to war, and all you can see ahead of you is my back walking in front of you, it is a war worth fighting.

    You see, I'd rather see my children sing for a politican than die for a politican any day...

    But that's just me. Your opinion may vary....

    -Soft Words and Broad Swords-

  4. To be honest, I do think it is creepy for people who sing about someone. I don't care if it is Obama or anyone else.
    Since I am not into the music scene, who else do kids sing about, who is still alive?