Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now My Hair Hurts

Yesterday, I belatedly posted a comment by Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn. His comment was about the absurdity of talk radio.

In what I'm sure is pure coincidence (*wink, wink*), Kevin Fischer posts on the same subject.

But Fischer, who is infamous for his copying entire articles, fails to manage copying the entire quote.

Then to add to his folly, Fischer includes this tough guy bit of posturing:
Chief, people pay high taxes around here and expect something in return,
including safe streets. You were hired to arrest bad guys and reduce crime. You
do that, and maybe your hair won’t feel so bad.

Well, golly gee, Fischer sure told him. But someone should tell Fischer that under Flynn's watch the murder rate is lower than it has been in two decades.

But what can one expect from a guy who makes his living on tax payer dollars, but abuses the state's vacation policy and may be blogging on the tax payer's dime.

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