Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Neediest Cases

Who would argue that Barack Obama's Special Olympics comment on last night's Leno show was really dumb. We know it and he knows it, issuing a statement from Air Force One on the way back to DC, not because he was pressured into it but because he knew it was the right thing to say. Many people will probably reason that when you say enough things, in and amongst all the words will be a stupid comment or two. Bush got us used to that -- in spades.

But as we know the right wing is on a constant gaffe hunt because if they have to stand on the issues, they don't have much to stand on as the last election proved. As the John Kerry dis the troops incident proved, even if it isn't a gaffe the right wing will try to make it out to be one.

But of course Sykes as usual like a junkie and smack, just can't leave Obama's remark alone. Then Sykes adds a special dollop by citing the sagely Sarah Palin.

The problem is, as John Cook points out, the President is fairly gaffe proofed. To pin the President's poor comment on him so as to make him out as someone who hates mentally challenged people isn't going to wash. This will generate chatter among the right and their media enablers, but for the 80% of the rest of the country the focus will be on the economy.  

Another thing that will play on many minds is that the right has been not too mentally-challenged friendly. Look at where they cut funding when cuts have to be made. Scott Walker's performance when it comes to county mental health services is one example.

Then there is the out of control and aptly named Michael Savage, whose infamous comment that 99% of autistic children are frauds. The was not word one at TMJ for yanking this yahoo off the air.

If you you ask the parent of an autistic child which party is more sympathetic to the needs of their kids, the GOP probably doesn't spring to mind. 

If Barack Obama keeps on putting the mouth in gear before engaging the brain, he will be in trouble.

But don't bet on it.


  1. Actually, I think it makes him human. i.e. We all make mistakes.

    I think it was much more relevant that he admitted that the financial schemes that got our economy in a mess were mostlty legal. AND he admitted that the contracts/bonuses were not necessarily legally wrong.

    It was very refreshing to hear facts from the President even if only very briefly, because in his next breaths he pandered directly to the emotions of the masses.

  2. So, Obama insults an entire class of people and you defend him and just say he is human. What he said was about Special Olympians and people with mental disabilities is the same as calling a black person the n-word.
    And no, he did not apologize. He apologized to 1 person, off camera and off the microphone.
    Does he hate people with disabilities, personally, probably not, but his policies and potential policies beg to differ, but that is another subject.
    What Obama did is indefensibile and to sugar coat and trying to divert the subject (bringing in Scott Walker)is just in bad taste.
    We can debate Obama's policies and disagree, but his comment is very disgraceful and disgusting. He needs to publically apologize and stop going on Leno. And the few people on the left who are trying to divert or defend Obama ought to look in the mirror and think about why they are doing that. Would you defend a person who uses the n-word?

  3. What the hell are you talking usual Dan?

    Take a look in the mirror? About what?

    We don't believe in cutting taxes on the backs of those with mental challenges and having mandates for mental health care.

    What Obama said was stupid, but that you obsess over is diversion from the real issues.

  4. Look in the mirror, Keith. Why do you try and divert the subject? Why not say that Obama said something very offensive to a class of people and he should publically apologize? Why don't you treat Obama as you treated Bush or Walker or any other conservative?
    Why can't you stick to the subject insteading of making excuses and diverting the issue?

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  6. Sorry ... I spelled a word incorrectly in the previous comment. It does matter to me.

    Oh cut it out, Dan. Are you going to tell me you have never, ever, made a joke at the expense of someone else?

    The President has apologized. I don't recall Bush apologizing when he mocked a condemned woman's last request for a stay of execution.

    Oh btw, can you please tell me what this is supposed to mean?

    ... potential policies beg to differ.

    Are you reading minds now?

  7. Like I said over at Folkbum, Obama has put billions of dollars into special ed. You tell me what your party has done besides obsessing over "babies."

    Yeah, all the rest of this has to do with the broader issue. Sarah Palin, who is like a moth to a light bulb, is piling on Obama. This is someone who wants to deny this money to mentally challenged people.

    The point is, and please read s...l...o...w...l...y Dan, many of these suddenly members of the PC Police are doing crap when if comes to supporting these people and their families, particularly in the area of autism.

    But go ahead Dan. Fire up your fake outrage. Your side is so full of it.

  8. No, Keith and OS, you guys are full of it. Your side has been the PC police for years. Even on this blog, how many times has this blog ripped into Dad29 for his supposedly sexist comment.
    but when your screws up very big time, you just say "never mind" an act like's it no big deal. I am tempted to say you are morally bankrupt, bu tI don't think you are. You are just playing the hypocritical game once again, where a conservative can do nothing right and a liberal can do nothing wrong.
    I just wish both you could get a backbone once in a while just say something a liberal is wrong and not try and divert the subject. I realize you don't have the mental capacity to do so, but at least I can have a pipe dreram, can't I?

  9. Dan, this isn't RDW. Stop the name-calling.

  10. Darn it grumps, after I have given you a nice comment on your blog. But I notice you didn't call out kr and OS for their condesending comments. Pity.