Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Question

Steven Hanson of Uppity Wisconsin is at the Democratic convention in Green Bay this weekend, and has been giving us updates.

In his most recent one, he is talking about Ben Masel who raised a very good point to ponder:
He [Masel] also made an interesting observation that many right-wing radio shows are being largely supported by advertising paid for by government agencies. This is particularly interesting in view of the declining financial status of Clear Channel radio - so the question here is why is the government supporting the radio shows of people like Rush Limbaugh?
It's time we get rid of these free loaders who keep feeding at the government trough.


  1. Hate to say it, but I think Ben is wrong. I believe these are PSA, which run for free.

  2. Ben Masel is a Democrat? Liberterian maybe, but a Democrat?

  3. The Drug Czar ads are paid, with a provision that the broadcaster matches as much time as they're paid for, with a credit for "donated' time if they include anti-drug messages in the programming. Military recruitment's totally paid.

    I haven't researched all the rest.

  4. Dan: libertarian (adj.) Democrat(n.)

  5. Ben.

    Dig that info up and away we go!