Saturday, June 20, 2009

She Takes Us To New Heights

While reading Jay's post which I cited in the previous post, I noticed that he commented on how the story brought new readers to folkbum's. This caused me to wonder what McFly did for Whallah!

I really wasn't sure since I am busy with some other projects, like my own site (shameless plug, yes, but so what?). When I finally remembered the password to the sitemeter for here, I almost fell out of my chair:

On behalf of myself and my co-authors, I would like to thank the gentle reader, as well as Jessica McBride, who made it all possible.


  1. Male righties keep saying McBride is hot, but online photos of her look like a young Hillary Clinton to me.

    Is this some sort of Freudian thing?

  2. Hillary Clinton has never looked that bad.

  3. I've found sex stories (e.g. the McFly affair and natural disasters make my blog stats spike.

    The way to get a permanent spike then? ALL DISASTER AND NON-STOP SEX.


    Perhaps not...

  4. Jason,

    I believe that there may be a correlation between McBride sex stories and natural disasters.