Friday, June 19, 2009

Maciver Blogger Supports Fairness Doctrine

Sort of.

Fred is demanding equal access.

Sort of.

As near as I can parse his train of thought, it goes like this. Allowing equal access to media for all viewpoints is anti-competitive and cannot be allowed but if a private company decides to not allow all competing viewpoints then they must be boycotted.

I wonder if Charlie knows about this.


  1. Idiotic point Jim, Charlie allows disenting views on the air.

    ABC will not.

  2. Really Fred? Because when Sykes spent an hour talking about something I did and talking about me, and I called in to talk with him, he dropped me without so much as a "goodbye" or "thank you".

    However, I've been told that lasting ten minutes with him was some kind of world record.

    So does this mean you'll un-ban me and let me post at RDW again? Because you value open debate and all sides of an issue?

    We spell it "dissent", BTW.

  3. The point was your position on equal access, Fred. The single sentence about Chuck was just a linguistic hook.

    But, thanks for playing.

  4. Fred comparing Charlie's little show to ABC the network is way too funny.

    I've heard these "dissenting" views. I swear Charlie goes to the local bars every morning and recruits third shifters who have had a bit much to drink as foils for his inanity.

    Kinda hard not make oneself look good.

    I heard your battle with Charlie, John. You did well.

  5. Fred's correct. Sykes will let on both sides on his show.

    Rabid conservatives and neoconservatives.