Friday, June 19, 2009

She Completes Us: What Others Are Saying

As one could have guessed, l'Affaire ecalarte de McBride was the biggest talk of the town. Here is a sampling, in no particular order:

Sykes was falling all over himself this morning, trying to present himself as the non-judgmental friend, but at the same time, taking a certain amount of glee. That was probably just relief because it wasn't him for once caught on that hot seat.

The Brew City Brawler woke up from his slumber to address this issue first with the L'Affaire de Flynn, and again tonight with a trip down memory lane with L'Affair de Bucher.

Cindy Kilkenny experiences schadenfreude (and revenge) with McBride's "gold bricking history."

Jim McGuigen finds that now McBride and Sykes now have more in common than just bloviating.

Owen Robinson is his usual verbose self: Geez.

Our own grumps finds that McBride has a new definition to the phrase: Access granted by invitation only.

Elliot Stearns is so upset, he resorts to profanity.

The Reasonable Progressive is in shock.

Asian Badger is, well, Asian Badger.

Zach of Blogging Blue is tired of her hypocrisy. (Aren't we all?)

No Runny Eggs has a fairly balanced look at the issue, except for the obligatory right wing "yeah, but, Clenis!" line.

Lady Kay refers to them as "those sex starved Republicans."

Kevin Fischer wails, "Leave those two lovebirds alone!!!"

Jason Haas apparently can't stop giggling.

Blogger Beer alternates between it's just people being human and it's all the lefties' fault.

Michael Horne, who obviously never took McBride's class, since he has those mad journalistic skillz, shares a journalist's point of view.

Rabbit asks, "Who cares?"

Badger Blogger takes a pass, but to their credit, at leaves an open thread line on the subject.

Harris Kane gives us Part I, Part II and Part III (III shows a picture of who Jessica really screwed.

Bipolar Nation goes after McBride until he buys her lies.

Nick Schweitzer blames the gays (with tongue firmly in cheek).

Jay Bullock does a storm damage assessment. (In the comments, you can see Daddio trying, and failing, to do damage control.)

Tom McMahon proves himself to be a real blockead.

Steve Hanson is downright giddy in anticipation of watching right wingers squirm.

Rick Esenberg states that no one is without sin, and should cast no stones. Then he starts lobbing rocks.

Dan Cody reminds us that these are real people with real feelings.

And, saving the best for last, Mary from Freedom Eden, decides to take the approach of attacking the messenger. Then in the comment thread, she comes out to say that their adultery is no big deal. She later follows this up with "See, Jess said it's OK! That's all the proof I need."

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