Monday, June 8, 2009

McIlheran Wrong On Rights (But What Else Is Old?)

Preview McIlheran undermines the Constitution by saying that the protected right to vote is not as important as attending a teen pop rock concert.


  1. Nice try capper. It just shows the absurdity of your post and view.
    It is not against the constitution to have Voter ID. It is perfectly legal to have voter ID in most states, including Nevada. Obviously, the Supreme Court also think's it is constitutional. So, where do you information that voter ID is unconstitutional?

  2. You both deserve credit for even knowing what the hell McIlheran's point is. Because I sure don't.

  3. Dan-

    It's called the right to vote, laws against a poll tax, etc.


    Well, you have to remember what I do for a living. As for Dan's understanding, mass psychosis?