Sunday, February 14, 2010

Charlie Carp

While I was watching Charlie Sykes on his Sunday Incite program, when I wasn't being distracted by missing eyebrows, I did catch something that Sykes said that I remember his harping, or should I say carping, on.

Sykes has repeatedly been making the claim that Tom Barrett has not done anything regarding the pending invasion of the Asian Carp.

I don't know what planet Sykes has been living on, but Barrett's been calling for the locks to be shut down since the beginning of January.

The one that has been silent about the whole carp thing is Sykes' wunderkind, Scott Walker. Of course, that's probably because Team Walker is still trying to teach Scooter that when they are referring to the carp, they don't mean this one.


  1. When somebody like Charlies speaks on outdoors issues, it would be beneficial to have occasionally been actually outdoors.

    Tha Asian Carp are already in the lake. On a giant watershed like Lake Michigan, if biologists are finding Asian Carp DNA, there must be an substantial number of them already there.

    I'm sure Sykes would argue that the carp lined up at the Chicago River mouth until the inauguration in 2009, then entered en-mass when Obama was President, but in any event, they are already there.

    Asian Carp are shallow water egg scatterers, and can drop thousands of eggs per spawning.

    This reminds me of this summer when Mark Belling suddenly discovered that there was a zebra mussel problem, and broke the story, about 15 years after it happened.

  2. Barrett's statement is one graph. Three senetnces. is that what you call leadership?

  3. That was the first of many statements. What did Walker do, besides not a damn thing. Sykes didn't even cover the story until it was too late.