Friday, February 12, 2010

The Future Of Journalism Is Doomed!

The world has gone mad. Absolutely, stark raving, completely off its rocker, insane.

An alert reader sent this in:

from Jessica McBride's facebook page....


Jessica McBride is very happy today because the Chancellor officially approved her indefinite status! (the academic staff equivalent of tenure). This was the final step, and comes after a 7-0 positive vote from the review committee and a positive recommendation from the Dean. Thank you Chancellor Santiago and UWM!!!!! I am one of the ...fortunate people in that I love my job and love working with the students. Celebration time!!!!!

February 5 at 4:03pm
This was further confirmed in a tweet by James Wigderson.

I can't even imagine what would make the committee or Santiago think that this was a good idea.

Perhaps it was her catastrophically poor command of the English language.

Perhaps it was her not so high journalistic ethics standards.

But if I were a betting man, I would have to say that if you consider all the work she's been doing for WPRI lately, I would look for a very large monetary gift from the Bradley Foundation to UWM.


  1. In the very near future look for an article titled: "Santiago, the chancellor who wouldn't quit."

    Does anybody know if he has "iron" hair? As opposed to regular old gray?

  2. I wonder how she celebrates.

  3. Maybe she got tenure after that AL. shooting?

  4. Wow, Dan, I wasn't even going to go there.

  5. Only a 3-0 vote from her department in the first vote, the first step? That was reported earlier. Only three voting members on a committee?

  6. It strikes me as odd that the vote was 3-0 in her department. There are more than 3 people in her department. So where did the other votes go?