Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does James T. Have Some Unresolved Issues?

The Milwaukee Drum is reporting that on Charlie Sykes' Sunday Incite show this past weekend, James T. "Hit him where it hits" Harris went on to use Elton John's goofy and inappropriate comment about Jesus being gay to make his own goofy and inappropriate inference that President Barack Obama was gay.

Harris then was on Sykes show today, and again, per the Milwaukee Drum, tried to defend his obnoxiousness. Sykes apparently didn't offer much in the way of a defense for his buddy either.

All of that reminded me of something else I saw. A few days ago, Team Walker, while writing about a campaign event that Walker was at, had this to say about Harris:
The best line of the night was from James T. Harris, the MC for the evening. He said he had told Scott Walker that he would be his Oprah as he ran for Governor. :)
Hmmm. Multiple comments regarding homosexuality, a habit of saying how good looking he thinks he is, and an urge to portray a woman.

Perhaps Harris would greatly benefit from some intensive psychotherapy with a psychologist trained in sexual identity issues.


  1. Given The Hipster's penchant for sticking his foot in it, I'd say he's more likely to be Walker's Yoko Ono than his Oprah.

  2. I don't think Elton John's comments were "goofy" or "inappropriate". Why can't he express what he thinks? There is nothing wrong with Elton John thinking Jesus was gay. It's his opinion and it's no worse than people believing he wasn't gay.

  3. Sykes ended his radio segment by saying Harris' comments were "brilliant." Given that intelectual playing field, I have something else brilliant to say...

    "Knock knock..."

  4. I really made my point by spelling intellectual wrong. But that was by design, and also brilliant. It was meant to mock Harris' really really cool sniff in the middle of his brilliant statement on the brilliant Charlie Sykes show.

  5. James Harris consistently says he would have opposed the Civil Rights Act. Is there anything more obnoxious than that? There is no hew and outcry because there is nothing anymore that will come out of this self-loathing person's mouth anymore that shocks anyone.

  6. His comment was obviously over the heads of those that have not reached Freud's genital stage of development yet.

  7. Anon,

    It seems to me that Elton John was only saying that for the shock value, not as a sincere belief.

    On the other hand, Harris is still much worse since he both does it for shock and might believe it as well.

  8. Well if James T might believe it himself then by all means rip him apart.