Monday, February 22, 2010

Guns Protecting Us From Adultery

Is there anything guns can't do? Now they can help prevent adultery:
A former Appleton firefighter accused of shooting his estranged wife to death claims he was trying to stop her from committing the felony crime of adultery.

Scott Schmidt's attorney plans to argue that Schmidt thought force was necessary to prevent Kelly Wing Schmidt from meeting another man at a hotel and committing the felony because prosecutors don't take adultery seriously, according to a notice of intent filed in Outagamie County Court.Schmidt, 39, will go to trial in March on charges including first-degree intentional homicide and attempted homicide.


Because adultery cases are rarely prosecuted, Schmidt had the unreasonable belief that he had no other viable options "except for suffering in silence as the victim of a felony as perpetrated against him in the form of adultery," according to the court documents, filed Feb. 12 by attorney Greg Petit.
I think we can expect that a certain couple of squawkers will be changing their stances regarding gun control laws pretty soon.


  1. Samuel Johnson said that, "Nothing more wonderfully concentrates a man's mind than the sure knowledge he is to be hanged in the morning."

    If adultery is a capital offense, Charlie should be one focussed sonoffabitch.

  2. Chuck is lucky that the Judge didn't pack heat!