Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whatever Happened To Equal Air Time For Candidates?

The erudite James Rowen:

620 WTMJ AM talkers Sykes and Wagner jacked each other up at the programming noon hand-off over high-speed rail coming to Wisconsin.

To 'bolster' their case, Sykes read an email from Scott Walker, the GOP gubernatorial candidate who gets more free airtime in these parts than the Packers, that questioned who will pay for the train's operating costs.

Questions never asked when it comes to the operating costs of highways - -including repairs, patrolling, plowing - - and then the inevitable replacement or expansion.
I wonder if Walker ever claimed all of this free air time as an in-kind donation.

1 comment:

  1. Well, since Air America left the air, you may have a point. Are you saying there is no liberal talk radio shows in Milwaukee? That is pretty pathetic. Maybe someone will pick up Folkbum/Capper radio show. You can have Keith's bookstore as a sponsor.
    Just think of all the fun you can have ripping on Walker. It could be called Walker Unhappy hour.