Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Entitlement Program He Will Drink To

Patrick McIlheran has found an entitlement program that he could really dive into: Water for Waukeshans:

Milwaukee's revival will come not by forcing the most urban area in Waukesha County to hand over money. It will come by making itself an attractive part of a thriving metro area. The region can thrive if its parts cooperate. Cooperation doesn't include extortion, though it can include $1 million donations from suburban-based companies to health care for the poor in Milwaukee, as GE made the other day.

Here's an idea: Strike a deal for the water. Strike a deal just about water. My city should drop the stupid, pushy resolution and the shoulder chip before Waukesha figures out it can get lake water from Oak Creek or river water from the Fox at perhaps higher cost but with fewer hysterics.

I guess entitlements are OK...as long as you pass McIlheran's worthiness test. Or maybe Xoff hit dead on when he questions if this is actually a message from God:

Apparently, God hates suburban sprawl, too. Who knew?

Or is Paddy Mac suggesting that God thinks it's OK to drink radium-tainted water, but was overruled by the EPA?

I can see Paddy joining up with James Wigderson and holding a lemonade stand to help promote their cause. Just make sure what water they are using before you buy any.

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