Monday, March 15, 2010

Reagan's Eleventh Commandment Doesn't Work In Wisconsin

Ronald Reagan had a line he called the Eleventh Commandment that was basically this:
"Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."
Reagan's catchphrase helped the Republicans stay together and stay on message for a long time. But that was a long time ago, in a place far away.

In Wisconsin, things are much, much different for those on the right. They are so full of hate and anger, they'll attack anyone, including each other.

We saw that over the weekend at the Koch Industry-sponsored TEA party, in which Team Duffy tried to gang up on his primary opponent, Dan Mielke. They are mad at Mielke for pointing out that Duffy isn't conservative to be a Republican's Republican.

Now we are seeing this sort of behavior spilling out over locally.

Our local alcohol-fueled loudmouth, Kevin Fischer, decided to take on James Wigderson over something really trivial, like daylight savings time.

Wiggy, taking full advantage of having about 100 more IQ points than Fischer, goes Whallah! all over the Fisch:

State Senator Mary Lazich’s staffer, Journal Sentinel blogger, and WISN fill-in Kevin Fischer goes off the deep end. At least he used a good picture. I could have a contest to determine what is the point of his blog post, but I’m betting it would be a contest without winners. I’m guessing one of three things happened:
1) Someone put ketchup on his bratwurst.
2) He was trapped in a car with Jeff Wood, with THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP.
3) He did research on St Patrick’s Day early.
While that was entertaining, I actually think Fischer was closer to the truth with this:
I have no business possessing thoughts of my own because I’m just a lowly state employee, a lowly legislative aide, a lowly state Senate employee. And I get to go on radio and TV??? OH MY GOD, THE INJUSTICE!
No, Kevin, you have no thought processes, so you have no business pretending you do, much less collecting one dime of tax payer money while you prove that you don't think.


  1. Bee-zarre.

    I'm with Wiggie on the superiority of mayo-based dips for French fries, though.

    Or gravy. Maybe we can get Illy T to talk about poutine.

  2. One example from his "unbiased newscast" on wtmj- he did a "teaser" going into a commercial thusly: "Coming up, Marquette professor cries racism." Not "claims racism," but "cries racism," as in "cries wolf."