Sunday, March 7, 2010

The One

Squawkers and their Echo Chamber, besides being a great name for a band, follow party memes in calling President Barack Obama things like "The One" and try to paint him as an elitist. Likewise, they try to dehumanize anyone that likes Obama and claim that these people are like religious cultists that worship instead of merely admire Obama.

I wonder if the squawkers will go after someone who actually compared herself to God: Sarah Palin.

Does anyone really think that God would have to scribble a handful (pun intended) of talking points on His hand to remember them? Or would screw it up if He did?

H/T to James Rowen

1 comment:

  1. She also has compared herself to a Biblical queen, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan. I have compared her to Steve Yoder, my high-school dropout meth head cousin and the dancing old guy from the "Six Flags" commercial.