Monday, March 29, 2010

Now What Will The Right Wing Do For Inspiration?

The right wing echo chamber is sure to be in a quandary when they take Jack Bauer off the air:

"In a joint decision made by 24's star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company, it was determined that the acclaimed series will end its remarkable eight-season run.

"Jack Bauer's last day on FOX will conclude when the final two hours of "Day Eight" air Monday, May 24 (7:00-9:00 PM CDT). As the countdown to the series' climactic conclusion races on, the final 11 hours will air uninterrupted Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM CDT) on Fox."

I can just hear their heads exploding when they realize that they now have to deal with reality.


  1. They'll just have to figure out a way to do circle-viewings of "The Reagans" with Mr Streisand until the remake of "Red Dawn" is finished.


  2. as a liberal, i have to say that actually, 24 has been pretty even handed politically. in season 2, for example, jack bauer essentially played the role of ambassador joseph wilson, debunking phony evidence that was to be used as the basis for attacking middle eastern countries for supposedly supporting terrorists.