Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Former Reporter Admits Political Bias In Reporting

If you can stomach it, watch this campaign video from Rebecca Kleefisch, former news reporter and present candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Pay close attention starting about the 0:35 mark:

Kleefisch admits to calling Scott Walker's office because of his conservative ideas that promote the way she feels about politics or some such nonsense.

So much for the "liberal media" meme.

And thank goodness that she is no longer distorting the news to promote her owned distorted values. And after September, we will only have to put up with her Charlie Sykes plugs, if he hasn't dropped her like a hot potato by then.


  1. So, when do you think the vast majority of liberal media members will adimt their bias? Probably never.

  2. Everyone has their own personal politics Dan, but reporters aren't supposed to go out looking for news that leans their way. I can't believe Kleefisch admitted (and even bragged) about doing it.

  3. This is a good followup to my comment on the last post about Kevin Fischer's "unbiased reporting" on WTMJ.

  4. Why does Dan always answer his own questions?

    I'm feeling smarter already.