Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If Only I Could Say It So Well

I've already cast my ballot for Louis Butler.

I wish that I could have made the case for getting off your duff and voting half so well as iT has.

Louis Butler is one of the smartest and best judges in Wisconsin.
Having recently plowed through dozens of Butler's written opinions, there is no
doubt about that. And he's not just one of the smartest and best judges in
Wisconsin, I'd argue he's one of the smartest and best in the country.

Mike Gableman is ... well, unfortunately, Mike
. Gableman's entire campaign has been premised on
falsehoods and personal attacks intended to tear down the personal and
professional integrity of a good man. It's clear he could only fail
spectacularly on that account. And it's equally clear that that's the best he
could come up with.What is certain is that Mike Gableman has definitely earned
one thing. He has earned your best efforts to get to the polls tomorrow,
Tuesday, April 1.

And the reason why Gableman has earned those efforts is not so much so
you can vote against Gableman, although that certainly is a major consideration,
given the contemptible conduct of his political campaign.The main reason that
the effort should be made is to vote for Louis Butler for the Wisconsin Supreme
Court, so he can return and continue the public service he has been performing
for the last 15 years, which is as a judge that plays it straight down the
middle, meting justice where it is warranted and required by law, and not in
response to any third-party monied interests or out-of-state concerns that are
shamelessly trying to outright buy our courts.

The choice could not possibly be more obvious, or simple.


  1. I'm leaving now to vote. I intend to vote for Butler three times. [snicker]

  2. Uhhhh I hope ypur are in Milwaukke County otherwise Paul Bucher will come after you. If he has money for his gas.

  3. I live in Brookfield. He can try.