Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Royal Edict

Even if thou is not wise enough to recognize sagacious advice when it is offered, thou should, nay, thou must go out and VOTE!

The King has spoken. So shall it be.


  1. Well your highness, I have voted. Now my public service is going to be driving about the polling places all day in Waukesha county to see if I observe vehicles or individuals that indicate instances of multiple voting. With the minimal turnout expected, I want to make sure the Gableman supporters don't commit voter fraud since voters in Waukesha county are not required to show any ID when voting.

  2. From it's knees this nation rose against the greatest power in the world to form a Representative Democracy. Today we are the preemptive power in the world. With this comes great responsibility. This responsibility is not only in the men and women who make the great decisions, but in the men and women who PICK those who will make our great decisions...us.

    This responsibility is exercised when men and women take time to decide who will represent them. Those elected people make decisions which will affect our nations policy of self protection, our energy policy...and thereby our energy costs, and thereby the costs of even the food we use to sustain our families.

    On judicial levels, we choose who will be the umpires in the baseball game. The best judges are like the best umpires, they follow the rules of the game and administer them impartially. When one begins interpreting rules or laws based on his own beliefs, or applying rules or laws to one team but not the other, they become poor as either umpires, or judges.

    On local levels, when we vote, we chose who will make decisions on the taxes we pay, on the size and temperament of the police and fire forces which protect us, and on what kind of community we will have. The personality of the people we pick determines whether our communities respect taxpayers, or consider them a means to a personal end.

    When we expect perfect people, we chase away the good people, and that leaves only those who THINK they are perfect. These are the worst choices of all.

    Every election day is a precious gift. This gift allows men to determine their own future. Please open this gift today. Please vote.

    -Soft Words and Broad Swords-