Monday, March 31, 2008

The Royal Recommendations

Forsooth, Tuesday is Election Day. Therefore, it falls upon me to provide wise and sage advice for my people to select those who would not do them harm, but would lift them up to the best lives they may possibly have. So, without further delay, here are the Royal Recommendations:


There are only three races really worth mentioning. The first would be the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Royal Nod goes to the Louis Butler, who has Illusory Tenant has shown us in his prolific, yet detailed work, that Justice Butler is a honorable and sagacious man, who only wants to make sure all of the citizens are protected from those who would do us harm. And which would any thinking person rather believe: A detailed, exhaustive plethora of research done by a real attorney, or McBride and her "judgment calls?"

The second race is between Bill Gleisner and Lisa Neubauer. This race should go to Neubauer. Gleisner has shown himself to be opportunistic and dishonest, and cannot be relied upon to render decisions that would be strictly in accordance to the law.

The last race is for Milwaukee Circuit Court, Branch 40. The candidates are Rebecca Dallet and Jeffrey Norman. While Mr. Norman appears to be a competent and nice person, I recommend Ms. Dallet. She has the experience and the balanced insight that a judge should have.


The race for County Executive is the easiest one of all to call. The Royal Endorsement is for Senator Lena Taylor. Walker has shown himself to be incompetent and only interested in using the position has a launching pad for another position, like governor or U.S. Senator. In the interim, he has willfully failed to maintain even the most minimal standards for the parks, the courts, the House of Correction, mental health services, transit or any other area of the county's responsibilities. Walker's record is so abysmal that he has resorted to a Karl Rovian type of campaigning of "fear and smear."

On the other hand, Senator Taylor remembers the gem that Milwaukee County once was, and would return it to its days of splendor and a leader not only in the state, but in the nation.

If the reader needs references, I would suggest the work of yours truly and Jay Bullock at folkbum's, the biting insight of Brawler, and the Nation of Pundits. In Walker's camp, he has the likes of Sykes, Belling and McIlheran.

Need I say more?

In some of the races for the County Board, I would recommend Marina Dimitrijevic, Elizabeth Coggs-Jones, Christopher Larson, Lynne DeBruin and John Wieshan.


For mayor, the race obviously should go to Tom Barrett.

The city attorney should remain Grant Langley.

The King has spoken. So shall it be.

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  1. My King our votes will be nearly identical. Minor differences not worth quibbling over. Does anybody know why the Bucher family is suing the Claremont Inn and its inseurance company in West Bend?